Why Controlled Documents?

Today controlled documents are required whether you are a two-person small company or a massive corporation. We are here for the small business and small workgroups to provide a simple, straightforward system that produces a fully auditable document.   

Our system has evolved from an in-house solution. It was devised to meet the demands of federal and state agencies requiring controlled documents for standard operating procedures, quality control manuals and employee handbooks.

Other uses include formalizing meeting records for small businesses and non-profits to comply with state, federal or grant reporting requirements.

The Goal

      • Maintain a master copy of the document that is always up to date.
      • Demonstrate who created the document.
      • Show who approved the document and when.
      • Easily access the document via desktop computer, smart phone or tablet.
      • Provide an audit trail of work done.

Why Use Our System?

      • Affordable – When controlled documents are compulsory, you’ll save money by avoiding the consequences of inefficient record-keeping that occurs with paper documentation.
      • The system is simple in design and is based on concepts from modern word processors.
      • Works on your PC, mobile devices, and tablets.
      • Once the document is online, all that is left is the formalized approval process required within your organization for these types of documents.  (We can help you learn the process.)
      • We can save tens of thousands of dollars by doing your project once and doing it right the first time. It reduces the inherent friction in creating and maintaining these types of documents.
      • You can easily monitor the progress, updating, and changes to your required documents.
      • Our system is centralized. There is only one document location that maintains all the access logs and tracks revisions.

From our direct experience, controlled paper documentation is very impractical and costly at any scale whether for two people or one thousand.  Word processing files on file servers and online word processors are not the right tools. They are proven to be ineffective in dealing with the rigors of document control.

Suggested Uses of Controlled Documents

      • QA/QC Manuals
      • SOP Documentation
      • Corporate and Non-Profit Meeting Minutes Records
      • Employee Handbooks
      • Grant Project Reporting
      • Company Policy Documents
      • GMP compliance for FDA
      • NELAP compliance for laboratories for state and Federal certifications
      • HACCP Documentation
      • USDA Organic Documentation

Consultation Services

      • We can provide consultation and advice about how to reach your documentation requirements whether it’s a small business, a laboratory or other professional organization.
      • We can convert your documents into our online format for you.
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